Truthy and falsy in javascript: JavaScript sets a value to one of primitive data types like Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number, String, and Symbol. Everything else in the Object includes an array also. We generally know the value truthy or falsy.

* These values are always falsy —



‘’ or “”




* Everything else in truthy —






Null vs Undefined: There two types null and undefined. You can simply identify null and undefined by using some code. Null is an empty value or non exist and undefined means variable been declared…

React: React is an open-source library used for building user interface and interactive for single-page applications. React allow to use the large application without reloading the page. If you use react the web applications' load speed is awesome. The main purpose of using React is to be fast, scalable, and simple.

Using React’s API: The ReactDOM.render method and React.createElement method are core API methods in react. A React web application can not exist without using this method.


ReactDOM.render(React.createElement(“div”,null,“Hello React”,),document.getElementById(“your id name”),);

JSX use in React: JSX is not understood by the browser…

Primitive values use in the browsers: Primitive values are numbers and strings. You can use it by open the browser’s console and print some console log like in the example.


console.log(5);console.log(“Your name”)Console.log(“undefined”)

Object and functions: Object and functions are also values, but its not primitive. This will make them special. simple examples are given below —


console.log({});console.log([]);consloe.log(x => x *2);

Expressions in JavaScript: There are many questions javaScript can’t answer. That’s why you can’t get all answers in js. But there are some questions that javaScript would be delight to answer. These questions have…

Introduction: JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages. Javascript has many uses. it can dynamic our site. Html CSS javascript combination makes a website perfect.

IndexOf in Javascript: The index of method uses is very simple first you need to declare a variable then in the second line use indexOf(3) if your previous line has 3 in the 4th number of position the result shows 3.


var friendsAge = [15, 17, 14, 3]

var result = friendsAge.indexOf(3)

Push Or Pop uses in JavaScript: Firstly I write about push. it has very…


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